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Its Nothing that I hate more than anything. It’s the apathy, boredom, listlessness, indifference The wandering directionless that is more painful than any pain.  
Be still my soul The lord is on your side Bear patiently The cross of grief n pain God has started his work To guide my future As he has the past Be still my soul
Person of every moment, I am he who gives without expecting atonement. Give myself to you if ever you need consolement My soul is always open , sometimes my mind is closed in
I'm a poet by nature An American by choice I fly so high in the sky
I write toRelease the shameI write toLet you know I feel your painI write fromThe shadows behind closed doorsI write so 
Years of life leave you with a view.  This is a peom, a story.  A lifetime.   Allow the mind to wander...... It starts like this:   It was a cookout, pretty huge house.
BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.....ElectronicaCloudy days bring me back to who I was. Thinking about myself, cuz no one does. Im a lone warrior walking silently in the midst. Trying my best to live without a balled fist. 
Lost one. Engaged in constant battle with me. Working hard to practice the preach. Lost one. To do good or destruct?Constrained time in a system corrupt. Lost one. 
Pages full of fancy vocab would not impress him. Rather a sum of powerful messages, could be thick or thin,as long as the message is real. It is said, that is where we parted ways. 
I am embarking on a journey. It requires my wit. It scares me to quit.A process of learning.  Big person I shall be,in the face of change. Only forward remains.Slow and steady like tea. 
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