So Much of Nothing We Cherish


Pages full of fancy vocab would not impress him. 
Rather a sum of powerful messages, could be thick or thin,
as long as the message is real. 
It is said, that is where we parted ways. 
His interest were elsewhere, My intentions were not fair.
Circular chaos filled the connection we once shared.  
My life is now spiraling downwards ablaze. 
Removed all glass from the reflection brings shame. 
I only turned an arrogant nose as he showed me this game. 
Pages full of fancy vocab is all that we know. 
By "we" I mean the we who are cold. 
Innocent. Fooled. Blind to the bone. 
Television mentality. Can't hear what we're told. 
He wants to save me, it bites him at night. 
I am the fuel to his confusion. 
I see what he writes to me. It jogs quick thoughts. 
I wish i took it seriously...but now all is lost. 
I left him alone to suffer a mass. 
With a page full of fancy words, his presence was passed.


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