Because I Am Human

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the dead leaves know so little the swine and their eager snouts scour the pile, although too brittle swarming minds with no doubts  
I.  I am. Funny.  We always look to see what we are We attribute  Looks Likes Loves And Hates But is that what makes me I? In truth, we are nothing  Nothing but mass
I am fossilized tree resin I will protect your most delicate parts and preserve them  by holding you close to me and hugging away your pain   I am a confidante
I am Kisah.
my messy hair covers my face i completely think i am a disgrace i have so many interest but no talent to apply. i think all my friend lie. When it somes to new people i keep to myself.
I write because I am Human/ Because I must bear witness to and for the world./ All of the pain, love, beauty, anger and hope/ My body cannot contain it;/ I must let it go./ Even if I don't, the words will leak out of me/ Touching whatever I touch.
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