I AM...human

I am fossilized tree resin

I will protect your most delicate parts

and preserve them 

by holding you close to me

and hugging away your pain


I am a confidante

I will listen to everything you need to say

and counsel you

and if there's no words to be said

I will hold your hand


I am overemotional

I will cry at some point

during every Disney movie

and most romantic comedies

because I feel things very deeply in my soul


I am the strings on a guitar

I may not always be in tune

but I'm always up for a song

and I will sing as loud as possible

even when I don't know the words


I have not always been responsible

I used to spend everything I earned

I used to rely on others to clean up my messes

I blamed my little brother or older sister for everything

and I never made my bed


I am Amber

I hold my friends close to me

lend a friendly ear

feel things very deeply in my soul

sing even when I don't know the words

and clean up my own messes


My name is Amber and I am human

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