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I lay my head down and think of my day Memories of you are put on display I try to sleep but my heart is racing Thoughts of you keep my mind always pacing I'm dreaming of your arms around my waist
I think of you everyday hoping that you are okay. Wondering if you think of me, if you even remember me. Standing here all alone, thinking alone. I think of that smile that made me smile,
Starlight, starbright, please don't let me stay tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, make everything alright. Of all the stars,  in all the skies, you're the one that caught my eye.
Face in the mirror smiles  haven't seen her in a long while Leather jacket in the closet guitar on the floor Mine for now forever yours Poetry strewn vague intentions
stumbling, slurring on the wet grass kissing him hitting him fire snaps, crackles   6 am cock crow sandwiched between  blue velveteen  and James Dean Get an advil, please
Hands forcefully grasp mine suffocating kisses touches once welcome now repulsive. Figure in the back watches. I stare at headlights. Does our secret show?   Flashback
They speak of sunday obligations, academics moral television   This in place of spirituality knowlege art   Cocktail party filler you could write
It's 1:41 am I am still awake   The room is so lonely  I can only shake   Where are your two strong arms beautiful hands to hold mine   Bring me into the safe, warm
Do drugs make faces lie? Does liquor deepen the hole? Cut once to fill it.     When mirrors break, glue can only dull shards.
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