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Holy Spirit creating enlightening changing the world 
We live in a world where we dont need to get to know someone Cause' we're able to judge.
Progress does not come without struggle,that is what my mom would say.So changing the world wouldnt be easy,take it day by day. They teach you God, Family, then Future
I am not a stereotype So leave your uneducated black girl Fried chicken And nigga behind Don’t characterize me by the color of my cashew skin But instead, take a deeper look with in
Some advice I consider the bestSurprisingly I got it from Mr. West"If you admire somebody, you should go 'head and tell em'People never get the flowers while they can still smell em'"I met you in my freshmen year
I'm a child.  I'm curious about everything I see.  I ask too many questions. I have dreams of changing the world. I imagine the unreal and make the most out of simple things.
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