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Miracles are real. I've found.  they don't just stand sedately by the door, knock politely, no they soar  in with a gust of wind, they sweep you off your feet they hound 
Short hair, shoulders wide, kinda short, narrow-eyed. More stubborn than anybody else in my whole damn life! Stop talking to me like, that. Walking up to me, When my mother's right by my side,
This here, in my hands, is nothing more than an hour glass. Time paves each grain of sand and marks the hours pass. As each grain stumbles through a maze of consciousness, It begins to identify itself with the others.
“What can I get you on this fine day?” “Fine? Are you blind? The sky’s dark gray!” “That doesn’t matter, today can still be great! “Who put an Unhappy Meal on your breakfast plate?”
Underneath the beating blanket of society, Underneath the glamour , and glitz, and cotton,
I think too fast Thoughts flood my mind everyday Doctors call it ADHD I call it an advantage Medication? My mom's addicted I dont need it My mind and body are strong enough
He helps her forget her pastShe helps him see his future
Why can't I be your friend? Why can't white and black blend?   Why did I break your heart? Why did my faith in you fall apart?   Did you ever want to agree? Were you ever going to succeed?
His head was always propped upon mascara-stained pillow cases,
Here here, come come, I say I say Thou sullen traveler, ye irksome stray. Where forego thy errands lie,Whither thou goest over stone and under sky,To reach what destination thereby? 
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