A Dialogue In My Mind

Fri, 01/02/2015 - 19:05 -- ace0077

I think too fast

Thoughts flood my mind everyday

Doctors call it ADHD

I call it an advantage


My mom's addicted

I dont need it

My mind and body are strong enough

I feel emotionless

As I sit here and write this

I want to hang out with my friends

Im stressed out about college

And my mom

She's alone

Aren't we all?

She has nobody

She might be insane

My dads trying to fit in

Society does that to you

Who am I?

Not my parents 

Im me

Im going to work for myself

Im going to be independent

I dont care about money

Thats all my dad cares about

I dont want to be a slave to anyone

Or anything

I want me

I want to be a special ed teacher

Theres no money in that?

I dont care

Ill make money doing something else

Then Ill "retire"

And teach

And change lives

What about a family?

I dont need one

But itd be nice to raise one the right way

Im off topic

But I dont care

Thinking about these things are important


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