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Each and every second is unique. Like fingerprints and sunsets, they are never the same. Each moment is its own. Everytime the clock moves its hand the present becomes past and,
You wonder why we don't participate?If you'd look at us and actually see what's happening right in front of youWe would say:Engage usAsk real questions, make us think, grow our minds
[You're old]school in this modern world.Love your stories but your style has to go.Not so easy to learn from these pre-made pre-testsand you need to give it a rest."American Government's not boring."
My question for you Is the truest of true Its mostly about you and your teaching too.   Why can't we have phones when you waste our time and text? Why is it when we ask questions
Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok. Tic. Tok. Time is running away, growing short, fading to black. It's the end of the film, time to applaud, time to give praise. When the grain of sand is used, it's gone away, no getting it back.
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