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The oft’ omitted sonnet of the Big Bad Wolf By Jacob Z. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways Beauty be found from thy ears to thy hocks
Change causes sunken ships. See Starbucks, their cup lost sips.   An attack on America, That absent-Christmas glory; But even worse, are these fingerprints- Don’t care for such stories.  
One thing that effectuates me  is what she shows in her smile so convincingly Something that’s simple and common to most It’s the way she smiles laughs and boasts
If history is picky about something, it might be worth a try. Take bacon grease as an example. That shit is so awesome.Fuxk olive oil, duck vegetable oil, those products are literally cancer. Bacon grease is the best food oiler.
Oh, Bacon! Nicole Moore   Your luscious curves tantalize even the strongest of men. Each delicate taste teases my tongue. Oh, Bacon! I’d slaughter my favorite pig just to be with you.
Lose yourself to bacon,
Roses are red Violets are blue I like bacon More than I like you   Tulips are pink Marigolds are yellow Don't you dare Touch my jello
Bacon is tasty Bacon is fun when it comes to awesome it's second to none.
Gobbling it down,Clogging arteries even more.Day in, day out,Always eating the greasy food.Every meal consisted of it,The fat of a pig.Disgusting smells all around,Never caring, always hungry.
Food is my ultimate weakness I have stop and lose these pounds Because now I am so sleepless Shedding off weight has too many secrets The sugary snacks make me look fat all around Food is my ultimate weakness
Bacon, you are delicious. You truely make everything better. I don't know what i would do without your crisp salty taste sending my tastebuds on a journey unlike any other. What else is there to say. Bacon, you are delicious.
Bacon is so grand and fine Give me bacon or I will whine Bacon is the perfect treat Bacon is what I long to eat.
Strongly serious Yet extremely hilarious Eating my food When I can't quit finish Don't care about germs What if I had worms Ur stubborn and pig-headed But at least you like bacon Roses are red Violets are blue Poems are hard Especially about you
I've heard about it back at the big farm. The Farmers told us that it's delicious. My Friends said: " Farmers are mean and cause harm." But they were nice and said I'm nutritious!!
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