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One year ago he didn't think he ever could he trained and trained and always came up short he never thought he ever would  now he is chasing his dreams wrestling with his favorite team
Camera lights flashing,  hundreds of people clapping. I did it; WE did it. The smiles, the laughs. The friendships that will always last. How did I get so lucky? Stepping onto that mat;
To be a champion, you need an alli. For every rival, there's a fight. For every superstar, there's a hero. For every Carl Edwards, there's a Tony Stewart. For every winner, needs a victory lane to celebrate in.  
There is something about the sound of breath Something about being so close to death The sound of all those men panting The sound of all those men chanting   We appreciate hard work
The feel of metal, a basketball stuck in your hands, you basically were born into it.   Your whole life you've dreamt about it. Your whole life you've pushed for it, basketball.  
You are a winner no matter how small You are a winner no matter how tall Physical size don't count Internal size is what it's about
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