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I was told a lot about lust   That I’d taste my lover on my lips As I lay there in my lonely bed at night I said I’d wipe the flavor from my mouth Love is bitter, dry, and trite  
Between time and space by Ima Rios     Twentyfour: the perfect number the essence of my life and my life... is you.  
My mind is in blank so I cannot write by Ima Ríos   I really want to let you know that I don't know how to say this
I dream of my darling's eyes. Surging explosions of silky brown leaves from the finest tree. Nature is captured within the confines of her precious eyes.   Sweet songs bloom through the mixture
You say I'm sweetBut you're sweeterSweeter than my favorite teaYou belong with meCan't you seeIts as plain as can beWe're simply meant to beYou and meTogether foreverBe with me
When the lights are turned Offthe night sky will dimand fade into black,with no points to pin,all of eternity will haveno fire within.The centuries reborn will extinguish in time,for my love has gonea loss,for all things sublime.and yet my love sh
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