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The hooves pound My oh my do they pound  On that hard, frozen ground The wind through that beautiful mane The wind through the rider's hair You can see the connection You can see the determination
I never imagined That this thing— Which had once terrified me And I had even turned down before— Could become such a fixture in my life, That after my addiction began, Its very absence
Newly shod horsehoes clink on the shadowed stones leading into the light The dull roar of the crowd grows in volume as the jockey exits the sanctury within It is all on the line Waiting.
Only equestrians can possibly understand, the impossibly forgiving light, that the eye of a horse suggests. However, only equestrians can understand, that when it comes to ribbons and winning,
Always I believed that here - life is sweeter The grass on the other side was really never greener I loved going where the apples were grown; Feed some to the horses, and save one for my own
Having a dream and shooting for it. It's not easy. Most of us have dreams. Horses are my dream. Sounds so simple and easy, but is it really? Horses are my life, my passion, my dream.
When her daughter was young the mother called it a phase,“This horse obsession will be lost in a few days.The wanting of a pony and to ride is the new craze,
Ask me what my everything is and I will tell you, a horse She carries me when my troubles make me heavy She does almost everything I ask but is no servant She is beautiful but is not vain
I saw the best equestrians during my lifetime created by hard work and perseverance, Bonds with equines of all breeds and colors, along with friends who come and go, but, only the true bonds will last a lifetime,
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