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Good morning! By good morning, I mean it’s a good thing that you made it through the night. The night is a liar. Maybe not. Sometimes I confuse my anxiety with the night, something like insomnia?
It’s 5AM and you’re crying (again).   You’ve climbed, into my bed, onto my chest. You put that cute face in front of mine,   so close, your whiskers poke
I am awoken, not by sounds. The sun egging me on with its rays to arise.   Birds conversing, cheerful small talk. Inviting me to join the world outside.   The breeze, a mornings greeting.
After a day like yesterday, I'm grateful for my faith.
It's summer why am I waking up so early well the early bird gets the worm
I see the burning of the sky tonight, hues of orange to light, fades of blue; dark overcast, overnight, I tame sight. Lion in the sky roars to lay a mark; Seeing the heavenly fire creeping forward,
I woke up early this morning, And what did I see? A beautiful sunrise,  was staring back at me. It had glorious colors,
  Good Morning, my Beautiful. Good Morning my Sweet. My love of my life, How I long to meet.   To hear your Beautiful Voice To see your Beautiful Face To kiss your Beautiful Lips
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