identity LGBT

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My gender is between my ears. It is not between my legs. It is not defined by biology or by my blood, it is defined by identity and by knowing that I am not the young lady
January girls are just prettier there's nothing wrong with me February maybe i do like girls that's okay March i don't care what you are i just want love April girls are so amazing in every way
let me be clear, i am not trying to be political, i am only trying to exist.    
I didn't have much to say social media wise in response to the Orlando shooting.
"The Window"
F*ck the people who tell you you have to be a man or a woman. F*ck the people who ask, "Have you had the operation?"
All I need is love as trembles track through time. Clairvoyant charisma creeps between petite and elongated structures. As if the trembles and clairvoyance
They say that its wrong To love another woman To kiss her To hold her as if i were a man They say that's its wrong To call myself "gay" To dress like a boy To prefer hats and haircuts
One day, I'll hold your skin in the palms of my hands and breathe in time with your heartbeat.   One day, I can bask in the feeling of infinity in your arms and press promises against
Why do my actions concern you? When your actions don't bother me The choices I make belong to me
Being gay? They say it's a crime. They say it's a birth defect. They say it will change over time.   I want to know who "they" are. I want to know what gives them this right.
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