Gay Rights


Being gay?

They say it's a crime.

They say it's a birth defect.

They say it will change over time.


I want to know who "they" are.

I want to know what gives them this right.

This right to proclaim others wrong.

And I want them to know I WONT give up without a fight.


I don't think violence is the answer.

I think peace is the solution.

With all the violence between antigay activists and gay activists

There is so much confusion.


Let's stop and think about it all.

What is the argument of each side?

After listening to both

Then you can pick with whom to abide.


A gay activist will say

that being gay is not a choice.

That love is love

And all who love should have a voice.


An antigay activist will say

that being gay is wrong by God.

To be gay will send you to hell

And no one will be awed.


Well why are sins all of a sudden bad?

The Bibles states many sins.

According to the bible the devil must be sat with a grin

Because if it is true, for all of us it would be La Fin.


You don't have to like homosexuals.

You have to respect them.

You don't have to applaud homosexuals,

You must learn to live with them.


The world is full of different.

This is not the first case

So why do we react the same to every case of different in history.

And instead of spreading hate, why not spread some grace?


Learn to love your brothers and sisters.

We come in different shapes and sizes.

Maybe if we accept one another

God will reward us with prizes.


It's easier to love than hate

so stop using energy to waste.

If you don't like what's on your plate

instead of complaining why not just change your taste.





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