Is GPA really everything?

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Peter loves me but he is deaf mute; He has no coin but he is rich in love. Although he can’t hear, he plays a flute, He plays it to prove me his brotherly love, A love that is tasty like a grapefruit,
Fulfilling My Dream  Hello my name is Mozlefa,
​Undying feelings, Never rested eyes, All these feelings that fit in my life. Academics, Home, Chores, Parents, Love, Divorce, and College, A never ending stream. Thoughts and feelings, 
Don't try and tell me who I am I get enough of it by society don't judge because "you know" maybe we are the same size but not same shoes don't assume we're all delenquents  some of us just want help
Sand in my pockets, skipping off my fingers, and stuck in my eyelashes, under my tongue and between my teeth.
Just because  4.0 knows the equations of quantum mechanics  Doesn't mean that he is smarter than 2.0 1.0 might not know the terminal side of an angle 
You Great Dividing Line, you stand so strongBetween two priorities of my life:Do I up my GPA and succeed in academicsOr do I find myself in Christ?
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