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dad: youre ugly!!!                                       sister: youre stupid..                                   mom: youre fat!                                
Natural disasters are spiking like a bed of nails Dead bodies dangle from the ceiling, falling from seasons like snowflakes No stories are the same Spread your wings, warrior
I guess we both fucked up, didn't we? So blinded by our pain that we didn't see, The pain we had, had a source, It got worse, Pro's to little league.   My pain from you,
As time pass life begins to give a whole new start. As I'm tired something tells me to keep going. As the wind blow God whispers child hold on As my eyes blink back
I’ve never felt so lost, Nor felt so helpless, alone, angry and frustrated. Nor have I ever cried so much, or as often. Never have I asked “why” so many times. I’ve never been so weak.
I can hear the bell tolling Almost every minute Of every day. It all started years ago When my dog died. It was a simple murmur then. After that I was told the truth about Santa Claus
I hear you speak to me I can hear the decibels rise The waves reach my ears Yet your words hold no meaning To me. They are hollow As lifeless as a doll, With painted sincerity
There is still light for you,                      but your sun is setting. Your insides are breaking in two,                      and I can't see them mending. There is still hope for you,
The waves crash over me. Suddenly I'm lost. Lost. So lost. I try to kick my way to the surface, but there always seems to be an invisible boundary. One that I can never cross. But I suppose it's okay now.
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