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Skiing down the steep slopes twisting and turning then skidding to a stop sending up an arc of frosty flakes Beginners follow like ducklings Pizza slices ridging up the snow
I have ripped the dress that was once in your closet and which you were going to wear to the party. Forgive me I had to rip the dress so you wouldn't outshine me.  
A dog without a feather, A car without a sail,  My life without you pointless  As a frog without a tail.    As warts are for a princess, Your love is for my life. I need you like a daisy 
I drank a pint of beer. I chased it with a glass of gasoline. I filled it to the brim with the stuff. Yea, thats the stuff. I walked over to Joe. "Hows the wife and kids?" I took a swigg of Gas.
The people who are reading this might be wondering why I write People don’t see me as a poet, But I still like to try.   I’ve written quite a few silly poems at the amusement of my friends.
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