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Dear Poppy  how I love you  how I admire you  and the brilliance of your life    the bravery that you showed on the beaches of normandy  and the heroism on LST 279
Naked skeletons. Hollow eyes. Gnarled joints. All in line for “shower” time. I was just following orders. Branded like cattle. In line like sheep for slaughter. Already dead.
You look.
High in the clouds, I sit and I see,so many deaths, right below me,and then I feel the roll of thunder,echoing this needless plunder.
The flames above me burn, burn, And before the woman can turn, return, There’s a sharp knock at the door, the door. She puts the matches in the drawer, the drawer, And she crosses the floor.  
Left. Left. Left. Right. Left. Left. Left. Left. Right. Left. The stampede of people cheer in the crowd Depression of citizens no longer allowed Banners soar, confetti fly
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