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The TV told me I was inadequate, So I am. My phone told me to share my thoughts, So I did. My computer told me to stay inside, So here I sit. My music told me that rebelling was fun, So I tried.
Writing is about the fluidity you have as a writer, as a storyteller. You have to pick and choose the words you use. Craft them to your will. Make them paint a picture.    Poetry is a very pure form of 
The world we live in today is like a big game of follow the leader Everyone wants to portray the things that they seeon T.V. Me?  Well I just want to be me Just because the rapper in the video has money an cars
Poetry is my everything, It is the air I breath, It is the blood that flows through my viens, Without it, My heart wont beat, My brain would over heat, It keeps my stable,
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