Love me 2nd


Love meLike I'm your 1st & lastKiss meOh with soo much Love&  pasion and with slowness & fast Hold meWith sweetness and careTouch meLike your scared of losing me Sweep me into your heartWalk me to your romance valley for meShow me how to take care of your heartand show me how I can physically benefit you my Mr 'Love 4 me' Fix meFix my broken heartLove meLove my inner and outTake care of meLike I'm your number one important thing tht u cherish forever & ever Do you understand ?Let me feel youLet me be the one on the standLet me be the one you changed forLet me be the one to tell you, "I do" on the stand Holding your hands, & I'll never let go.Giving you my heart, while I receive yours in return.You never letting goGives me the confidence to always return to you Be my second king.And let me be the second most important person on your list.Together, lets worship the #1 kingand Together, lets follow His list 


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