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There’s a bar in the mojave desert. Most don't know how to get there, Only hearing the mutters of instructions from drunken strangers, But they all have same eyes,
Red eyes in the grass Red eyes in the corn  Red eyes at night  Red eyes til' morn  Pretened to not see Pretend to not hear  Quickly go home  Because trouble is near 
I crave more,   More than you could ever know.   Flesh was a minuscule distraction, it only appeased me for a while,    Now I ache for more.  
I crave more,   More than you could ever know.   Flesh was a minuscule distraction, it only appeased me for a while,    Now I ache for more.  
“Effervescent!' said I, “thing of ghost.” Back into my memories bewitching And so it came gently murmuring Haunting - haunting - haunting!
  Zues, the captain of the football team Iris, the prettiest most popular girl, with a smile like a beam. Eros, the charm and spell cast upon them.   
The seasons are all changing, the schedule of the day is rearranging. It's finally time to put the shorts away, and to bring the sweaters out for the cold days.
We sit quietly in the car in the dark Candles balanced on the dash White wax drips to form soft folds, stark Against the blackness of the ash  
When you take your skin off and stare at your bones   lay them out in the sun and watch them turn yellow       When you smile use your teeth they'll smile more than your hair
Deep in the darkness, The goo falls on down, Right from the ceiling, Onto the ground, Then there before me, Lies my own head, That sings to me songs, That fill me with dread,
In the Midst of the day, Where the people runaway. From the forces they do not see to test what they believe.   The people will all fall to greed directly to thier knees.
I live in a house with two ghosts Mirrored in themselves when they are near the other They drift through each other But alone they seem nearly solid
Speak to me, they do The Whispers in the halls Another's thoughts persue me Just waiting for the fall A path unto insanity A mind's own hollow room For I cannot control them
There once was a mother Who lost her lover And all she had was a child Despite her care And the life she shared The mother slowly grew wild   As the child screamed The mother schemed
*Throwback Poem: This poem was written way back in 2010, when I was about 11, and thought I was Edgar Allan Poe!! Haha!*   Dripping with violence,
I startle awake in pitch dark, the dogs oustide bark.
    In a quaint, little town
I locked the door behind me And as I sat on the toilet seat I looked down at my feet Red, from the lack of heat I began remisicing on memories Bur it wasn't long until I was done
My family isn’t much, nor is my surroundings. It’s only Mom, Dad, and Sarah. Dad is always working, Mom is always cleaning, and Sarah always complains. There is only one thing that I cannot explain.
(poems go here) The fluorescent moon Of the black night sky, the only light to shine in the abandoned town. Frigid air burns my porcelain skin. Drifting through the streets,
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