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"Yes, hello teacher, I hope your summer's been fine. No, I did not find the homework to be all that challenging." I'll try to make pleasant conversation as I sit here on my knees, uncomfortably watching
Heart Beating A Mile A Second What Did I Do? I Was Going In The Limit Range Did I Cross Someone Over? Or Uncorrectly Switched A Lane? Get Yourself Together Cant Let Them See You Bothered
Tucked in and faded Blue or green with a logo Our daily polo
Smile on my face 5, 6, 7, 8 Cheerleading. It's in my blood. 12 years of it. 12 entire years of my life. 12 years of pom poms, dancing, cheering on the crowd.
Just like all the others As I tread through the halls They take our colors and filter them through Black and white and gray  
I have fought to become the handsome man I am today, This uniform policy just teaches "what I am is not okay". Being able to wear fashion is more than just looking cool,
Hidden beneath my long red socks. Rarely seen by teammates and fans, you are always ready to do your job. Like the bullet-proof vest of a proud police officer. You take the shots hit after hit
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