The Fierce Champion I Am


I have fought to become the handsome man I am today,

This uniform policy just teaches "what I am is not okay".

Being able to wear fashion is more than just looking cool,

Wearing what I want is to express myself openly while at school.

Who I am is a strong, passionate, and loving kind of guy,

Why must I be enforced to hide behind a mask of a big fat lie?

I cannot simply forget the fierce champion that I truely am,

Don't expect me to obey you're sufficating and constricting sham.

If you want me to be a well wounded citizen of our community,

Then please give me a single chance at an opritunity.

I am the ninety-nine percent that will use this chance right,

I'll show the sun that its not the only thing that can shine so bright.

Just know that I will refuse to obey anything other than me,

How could I follow something that doesn't support who I can be.

At night before I go to sleep I will make sure to pray,

To thank God for making me in such a beautiful way.

What I will not allow is my own school to deny me of my right,

My self image is priceless and I will defend it with a strong fight.

Give us the freedom to wear what we want and I will promise this,

Letting all of us express ourselves will spread the happiness and bliss.

Our personnal growth is an important part of this all,

Stop enforcing these dreadful uniforms that set us up to fall.




I'm just truely getting myself involved in the fight against my highschool's uniform policy. I want and need to express who I am. I found the light out of a dark tunnel and what I found was myself, a handsome, confident, and happy young man. Is it a crime to want to be proud of my new self. I did not go through hell to not be able to shine. I need room to have personnal growth to be a fitting person for our community and I feel strongly that my schools uniform policey doesn't provide the necissary room for me by enforcing the uniform policy.

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