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I can see you lurking in the darkness, I can hear your voice in my head, I've felt the tear drops as they've fallen due to the horrible things
Lost within, I still stand, reminscene the times I thought of you as a friend. Closer than a brother, My ache for you was dear, my lover As I close my eyes I seem to realize, what you really were A monster in desguise.
You're here.     I can hear you.        Why are you here? What is your purpose? "Their arms would look beautiful in dried blood on the floor of your bedroom"   You're here.        I can hear you.
Teeming with multiple personalities, I feel the Legion swell within me. I fight against Layers of self-defense. Long gone, the search to fleet just a virus. With eyes, undecided, how can they locate a difference?
The dots on the wall become bugs; crawl. Your second skin implores you to buy in. Allow the separation of sanity to fall, Like the rain of grace, with razors instead of peace. The vociferous outward expression;
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