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Why is it so fucking hardfor some people to save money. It's
At the age of twelve, after the ceremonial blood bath, my mother sat me down and told me that I would have to be a women. A women. There was rules to the name. To be a women you must grow your hair. 
I would speak my mind. I would get away with acting foolish. I would not let anything get to me. I never look back.
The Queen of the Mountain They called her the Queen of Virtue True to her personality, morals and values Respectful in every walk done in golden shoes
I like shopping a lot! Jeans, khakis, shorts: booty or not, skirts: long or short. The tops! Shirts V-neck, T, crop top, one shoulder, strapless, just bra, no bra!
I'm tall, your short which ones better? big boobs? small ones? or how about this big ass, small bum I just love mine who cares, because thats the way I am! The way I am! what can I say
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