taking a stand

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The attention span of a teenager is no more than 20 minutes But I sit in my 90 minute English class Sitting in my bland grey, uncomfortable chair I hear my teacher say
A group of girls rule the school They always create gossip and fear They always seem to be very cruel
The taste of blood on her lips, She opens them. It drips, On the floor, She lays,
We walk the halls in single file lines. Our desks are arranged in straight, narrow rows. Classrooms have the appearance and resemblance of prison cells. Our uniforms take away our individuality. 
If I were to harm myself can you tell me how you'd feel? Would you feel ashamed of it, of how you made me kneel? 
Manipulative, Greedy, Selfish, King. In a world so claimed to be run by democracy, it sure feels like a monarchy. Like a pharaoh atop his throne in great heights,
My name is Syed. It means leader in Arabic. I was named after the many respected Muslim leaders before me. Yesterday my name was reserved. Tomorrow my name will be outgoing. In my dream my name was optimism.
I am a dream. I wonder what “to exist” entails. I hear it’s wonderful “to exist” and I want to exist, to BE, but still I am worse than dead – INERT!
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