We Are Who We Are

We walk the halls in single file lines. Our desks are arranged in straight, narrow rows. Classrooms have the appearance and resemblance of prison cells. Our uniforms take away our individuality. 

School is for learning; not just general eduation, but learning who we are as individuals. It is hard to discover who i am when I am treated like everyone else.  I have different needs and desires; i have my own passions and strengths.  If i am to succeed in my life and live happily, set me free. 

Let me create my own curriculum, surrounding my own interests. Allow me to learn from what inspires me.  I want to be a teacher, and these courses do not invite me.  Let us all discover who we are. Teachers are our guides, but should not get in our way of unlocking ourselves.  They should not interfere with our creativity, for we are who we are.


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