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I’ve lost so much in so little time. It’s a wonder I’m not losing my mind. Every time I see that unopened letter I want to cry for all the times I’ve lied, deceived, and hurt those I love.
One Day I will conquer the world, Show the world what I am, Who I am and where I come from. I will storm the world like a rocket.   I will feel empowered, And take my clothes off.
Love is a martyr of the purest intention, An unaltered pursuit towards salvation and redemption, Embodied in the birth of One, A truer personification has never been done.  
Never leave my side and never let me go. And I promise I'll do the same for you, as long as your love shows. Yes, I believe I belong here. Yes I want to stay in your heart, if I may.
These tiding waves will crash and we won’t last. When this storm arrives you will only be; This aching in my heart is only vast. We can fall into this river, but flee?
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