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Worthless Numbers
here’s to putting our headphones on and blocking out the true reality to fill it with the stream of consciousness that conquers the world in which we admire   here's to falling in love
Why.. why do we live in world full of challenges? Waking up in the morning is a struggle. If only I lived in the world of Harry Potter so I wouldn't be a muggle. The hustle of getting ready and eating breakfast  oh..
I was young like you golden skin eyes of blue my hair was long and brown it looked so cool how it flowed down over my shoulders like a vine trying to reach the ground..........................My body was hard mussels cut and carved I tell you thi
Three toys to play with Oh so much to do Yo-yo, a doll and a toy cat So happy to play I am free I can breathe No tears, no pain Responsibility is absent I play so hard my heart starts to pound
As long as you’re by my side, The Distance matters not. My heart is tied to yours By strings of immortal trust. Forever. For always.
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