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I spent last night googling birds that sing in the morning, to give myself something to wake up for. Tricking myself into believing I’d even be awake by then. Because the truth is I am not ok
There is a piece of you that lives inside me. I know it is there because I can feel it Along the ridges of my spine
The only legend I have ever loved is The story of greed and a grateful sparrow. A man was honest His wife was full of greed He found a sparrow hurt and scared,
The little sparrow on the tree branch does not know. He sees the berries on the bush, ripe, round, and red. He feels the soft, warm breeze teeming with adventure and possibility of flight.
The sparrow sings a brilliant song, But no one sings along. Ebony sat upon her wing Making it hard to sing. Steadfast as the morning dew, She will chime in without cue. Louder than the stars above
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