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Forget the residing pain in my stomach from the amount of running 
"Mommy, Mommy!"
If you watched these attacks from space, they would seem so small.Imperfections on a beautiful face, you might not see them at all.
On the morning of April 15, 2013, you were beautiful And the city was well aware. But by the afternoon Boston, its back arching with chaos, had changed it's mind. The shouts of the bigots drowned out the tolerant majority.
Remember the days when kids could just go out to play? Do you remember the days when going to school was okay, when getting educated and having a thick skin were just enough, emotional release didn't require guns and stuff?
Boom, crash, bang!-As smoke filled up the sky, Many were shaken and froze with much fear, Night became day in the blink of an eye, What happened to celebrating with cheer?
Run run run. cheer cheer cheer. Run run run. Breathe breathe breathe. Run run run. Cheer cheer cheer. Run run run. Breathe breathe breathe. Look down. Look up. Look left. Look right. Run run run. Finish Finish Finish. Run ru.. BOOM. SHATTER.
I try to make sense of what has been done Taking down the best of us. Those who try to prove each day that we can overcome the obesity epidemic We can create a fit America
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