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With a big smile on the face,carryng their little wrapped box in their head they approach you. Before you have time to reveal yourself they desire to zap your power and pull out the little box
I wasn’t always this lost, my days consumed by chaos An era where everything makes me nervous And every other day my mood drops, and rises It’s always a fight to find my way through this mind fog
Am I perfect? No. But I try. Trying isn't good enough. She never aims high enough... She shoots, She falls They laugh... Humans. Not perfect. Supposed to be. But not.
A dream you keep dreaming A ridiculous fantasy. You need to wake up and see things, better yet people for who they really are. They don't know you like I do
Isn't it ironic? We're taken for granted, by those that we love,  Yet we take for granted, those that love us,  Its like a never ending cycle chasing this love, 
I am a girl who puts on makeup to feel beautiful I am a girl who put extensions in her hair to feel wanted I am a girl who wear pretty dresses to feel girly
The wise old man is believed insane, the fool laughs first. What an ironic suffling of the dealer's deck, what sad misconceptions accepted by billions. Fact is fiction, but fiction is fact.
Take me out of this mindset;help me forget myself and what I can never be.
It seems to me that mirrors never give an honest reflection of a person.
The strength of the mind, So quiet, though so kind. Can the flower taste sugar, As the bee take away? It may seem that a way, but we just may not know it. So quiet, though so kind
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