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A new year, a new day. A different hour, a different moment. Each day, I still wake up to beautiful little people that make me smile. Being able to inspire and teach them what life is about,
You know I thought you were the one. I was caught up. Entangled in your web. I inhaled you. Skipped school for you. Dreamed of our future and ignored my dreams for you. Gave so much but in return I received lust.
Daddy left the other day, Left me a rocking horse, Left mama sad and crying, Left me with no remorse, Mama's stuck in bed now, I'm doing all the chores, Though left without a penny,
Out of the womb, I wailed to the single Mother.Gums smacking. Fingers grasping; the searching.Father, where are you?Professor. Author. Poet. Working Man.
(poems go here) I saw a man in the grocery store. He had a little girl with him. Probably his daughter, she was about 4. I swear I had seen him before. I looked into his eyes and started to remember more.
I am from Love A passionate, enchanting, Spontaneity filled Love. A Till death do them part love... I am from a single Mother Death did them part, and brought us close
Eyes speak no lies, unlike the lips in falsely upturned lines curved like spiders weaving truth out of a script from the mind; it lies Those eyes reveal sadness
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