save me

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  I need a hero. I don't know how to save myself Somebody help me I'm tired. Of cutting into my flesh to numb the pain
  When I was drowning, you saved me You pulled me from the waters cold grasp And lifted my head above the waves of my own depression And for that you were my hero.  
Can you save me?Can you pull me from my pit?From my dark and endless jail?Can you tear down my walls of anguish?Burn my fears or failure?Can you help me?Can you teach me how to feel real again?
Now i'm laying in a casket  well, do you want to know why? these stripes across my forearm  i swear they were a cry i really wanted to tell you i really wasn't "fine" but well, you believed me 
i ask “can you save me?” you reply “i can try”
What happens after I am happy, I'm energetic and alright. I'll be happy for a while, Not tiered at all, Keeping myself up, With these ideas of joy and love. This is my state of mania perhaps,
When I call out, And ask for help Nothing seems to come. Just my echoing voice Bounces back, leaving me alone. The echo comes in your criticism, And what you point out as wrong,
Black Veil Brides, The band that saved me from myself. I had lost my passion for music and life, As I was devistated by the world's devices. It was their music that reminded me... It's okay to be different,
They don't know about it. The anxiety I face. When I have to go to a place, Where I know little to no people. From working at the restaurant, To a party at my friend's place.  
I've lost faith in others, I've lost faith in myself. I had forgotten what it is like to love, And gave into anger and fear. I started to shut everyone out, For fear of getting hurt again.
I was happy. We were happy. I don't think you know, but I heard the gun. Now, I live alone in numbness.   The feeling consumes me; that's all there is. No peace. Just noise.
Where do i stand   All my life back when my mom was still alive she would always notice my brother and give him what he wants i was 8 he was 16 he was bound to college i'm still bound for nothing
I jumped into the ocean one starry nightIn hopes that maybe you'd save meBut the waves came crashingAnd took me into their embrace,They took me to my sweet escape,Under the night sky, under the stars
I am an open space Vast, Lush, Deep, Dark, or Green A million words can describe my being Though the only true one is "Dead"   No walls may confine me I am viturally free
Falling down, falling down And then those words saved me. When I was at home and all alone I looked for an escape So I'd hide and wait, I'd hide and wait And then your voice saved me.
Caw, caw, caw! The crow goes. Boom, boom, boom! My heartbeat grows.   I stare at my window Waiting, waiting. Fear enveloping my mind and soul.
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