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(poems go here) My Loudness!
No way out ,I'm trapped Can breathe can move I'm under attack Dark, lonely don't nobody love me Or atleast that's what I thought I was a prisoner Crying save me from me
I've got nothing left to say I'm all out of words that have never been spoken before. my creative juices are all dried out and my brain wants to take a nice long, luxurious rest. I'm just so tired.
I know how it feels, To wake up in the morning and not know the deal. Wondering if your dreams will ever come true, Or if all your efforts will just fall through Fall through the cracks on the path of reality,
Women of the world: Our Right To Vote is FREE! Be counted in the few, Than be cast aside in the many. We have a voice & we deserve for it to be heard clearly. Unclog your ears, Male Species!
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