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While the sky held her hands  Her eyes as bold bells I heard An ocean enough to drown deep to be found a herd.   While care is lost in the seas
Seldom do we take the time to reevaluate what is most precious to us. Lack of appreciation for things we have, and the yearning for the things we do not. I shed a tear every time I realize how far away from myself I've drifted. 
Too short a time to get to know you Falling falling I kept on Falling So different yet so the same We could have sailed the world together You'd be the captain and I your first mate
The Sea is a Bliss,                As the Sun Offers a Kiss.                              The Blowing of a Strong Gale,                                                                Fills My Sail.
I will always root for the underdog or the person who is never heard. Shame on the people with stitches on their ears or staples in their eyes. Don't make me want to show you how much it actually hurts.
However lonely Only is non-existent You are not yet an island You are not yet in silence Nor will you become a blank moon Keep your eyes hoisted above the frames Do wander tonight without a name
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