Sail on and Fare More



Drifting, floating, gliding
Slightly, slowly sliding
I fare more and on.
I sail more upon.
The great sea I fear,
Will pull me far from here.
And I must sail on 
No more farewell,
Rhaid i chi fawr hwyl.
I shall fare again none
Only for no more than one.
Never on the sea to be.
I find it sails around me,
But on this journey I stumble
And the sea, surround does rumble.
I am lost evermore again,
And take my breath in pain.
The heavy earth pulls me under,
And the journey ends like roaring thunder.
Brave and tempest-torn men rave,
The mast and stern begin to cave.
(I, below wish them well.)
My light fading, I race to above 
To no avail, I flail and fail
To you I say, sail
Sail on, my friend,
Where my efforts end
Saol: live on for me
And for nothing else, just be.


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