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I woke up from a well deserved nap To a ringing sound deep beneath my covers It was about 100 tweets Yelling at me to burn like my ancestors To die with my beliefs 
His eyes are disks, His teeth are jacks. His arms sinewed with cables With gold along his back.   A spark of electricity
cross my heart and hope to breathe / suck the air into my lungs like a promise broken / like wind in the air singing hymns across a desolate plain / and wish for something different or better or nothing at all / because this is my story and our st
Radical Self Acceptance    You are of my kind,  Uniquely divine,  A different breed of beautiful unlike anyone I have ever seen Clothed in angel energy; Beam and radiate fully now
Lost a nail today in synagogue; flipped my brother off.  
Hitler, I'd like to meet and to him I will greet Why do you hate the Jewish fleet Their bare feet march down the narrow street As Rabbis wonder if their maker is who they are going to meet
An old Jewish folktale says that words are feathers set loose in the wind; once free, you can never take them back. I had forgotten that story. But my words are poison ivy rather than feathers.
Nazi Guards Our tale can't tell All prisoners here--alive in Hell   I eat the dust She licks the floor Just to survive--Nothing more   She's drug away put in a room
Our country 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, To you I sing; White men signing abortion laws That kill women for no cause Can you not see your flaws?  Let freedom ring  
The class started with the line "First they came for the Jews" And eyes refused to meet mine   "First they came for the Jews" Bubbles across my desk
The autumn air has become thick Filled with fear and desperation What was once home Has become Hell on earth Destruction rapes the surface While the sky explodes with fire
I'm a Jew, this is true, So no, the year is not new, I'm still in my year, our calendar goes by the moon. It's going alright, I haven't heard back from the University yet,
The crunch of your boots sends my sister quaking in fear. I hate you, But I am grateful you drained her of tears. Water is precious.  
This boy is one for the history books  
You tell me to model for you because “I am beautiful”, But then you go and edit myself away. You fix the frizzy hair that was in my face because of the wind that I don't control.
When a prick calls me a kike and a kid mistakes a rocket for a kite I need Israel.
  In the attic of rigid wood I sit denied any motion, We were forced here, as no one should We’re waiting without any notion.
Jesus Christ was the greatest Jewish man who has been on the Earth.The world became a far greater place on the day of his birth.When Jesus was nailed to the cross, he died for people's sins.
When I was in the fourth grade I walked up to my dance teacher and said, “I am African-American.” She promptly spit out the water she was drinking and replied, “You’re half black?”
I stand alone amoungst my friends we have our differences I belive in one God they belive in society we have our differences they all hate they mock they laugh
I think God has a cruel sense of humor. Because when I turned eleven and pleaded with all my might to become immortal, I heard Him chuckle in the confides of the newly blackened space
The man walked in big steps Here to take my family away through the Nazi’s attempts He grabbed my little sister by the arm
The man walked in big steps Here to take my family away through the Nazi’s attempts He grabbed my little sister by the arm
They were brought down Down to the pits of the darkest spectrum Beyond a trace of relief, a glimmer of hope   They were menaced, chided, and turned Beaten, battered, and burned
  I am white.                                                    Lineage?                                    Eastern European.                                           Religion?
Ashes, Ashes, they all fall to the ground Where is God? Where is He they all cry out! Memories branded, families not found, "God is not with us!" Many of them shout! A sequence of numbers etched in blue,
How can you do this? What a monster. My dear Miaia, so beautiful, so lively. So perfect. Her dark hair shone. Her eyes sparkled like obsidian. Her skin so soft like satin.
  I knew the Holocaust would never be forgotten, Jews lived nightmares and always proceeded with caution, Legs were amputated, Wounds were made, but even in skin and bones, The Jews kept their faith,
The flames above me burn, burn, And before the woman can turn, return, There’s a sharp knock at the door, the door. She puts the matches in the drawer, the drawer, And she crosses the floor.  
They lived in darkness Cut off from the world They were ripped away from their homes Locked away and never allowed to leave   Little boys and little girls cried As families were torn apart
There’s a sound of broken glass, A rush of fear and the sound of dogs. Our silence is deep, But I know it won’t last.   My mother said a bad man is in charge. He wants to hurt us because we’re Jews.
To dream is to die, to die is to live. For we forsake our freedom, for others to live.
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