Sat, 03/22/2014 - 18:39 -- J.Penn


  I am white.


                                   Eastern European.



                But do not be mistaken,

                        Jewish is not a race.

                          So, when you tell me:

                        "You don't look Jewish."

                                 It is not a compliment.

                                        Jewish is not a race.

 It cannot be described by a face or a body type.

                           It is a belief inside of the human.

                   My nose is not big because I am Jewish,

It is because both of my grandfathers had a large nose.


                                                                        Not Jewish.

                   This stereotype is based on years of hatred

Of they believe different so they must look different

               My history is woven into my being

        As my origins are written in my blood

                             Jewish does not mean lawyer

                          Jewish does not mean accountant

                            Jewish does not mean doctor

                   In my family there are no doctors

                                                     No accountants

                                                        And no lawyers

                          Jewish does not define a person

                        It is only one part of the whole

                                                  I am Jewish;

                                                      I am white;

                                                     I am student;

                                                      I am dancer;

                                                                I am



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