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Capture my eyes with the beauty of your hands - How they measured out the seas and sent them to sands, How they formed galaxies just for my wonder; Capture my eyes with lighning and thunder.  
With no change, comes no growth; As the pendulum swings,  we watch as time goes by, faster than the blink of an eye; Mid semester, junior year, work starts to pile up, work not handed in, 
Why do they hate us? They sit upon their skyscrapers With eyes malicious and green with lust. They feast like kings and hiss like serpents,
I sat myself down and Talked around The points Like usual.   Suddenly I burst from My seat and I  Collapsed in a heap As the inferno of complexity  
Childhood is the playpen that keeps out the real world; holding you close till you're readily unfurled At the beginning it's the ignorance that keeps us at ease
I never understood the word priority Is a dancer, writer, or singer really what I want to be? Can I do this and be a Christian  Or do I have to choose
We all fear the most inevitable of outcomes The day our lungs give out and the blackness swallows us Swallows us like the pills we used to cling desperately to
Usually (8) hours of sleep should be enough-
If Winter only taught me one thing, it would be how to not respond when life calls for me.  Winter told me to ignore it, when my best friend called and pleaded for my involvement 
Beauty is unreachable Love is just a game Lies become believable Others thrive off of our pain
Blue skies reside in photographs, predating sprawled luxury - untainted tips of childish thought with straight priorities.
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