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I've Landed In Philly But it AIN'T Been ... " Jiggy " ... !!! The Same Ol' Same Because of My RACE ... ?!? NO Time To Embrace ... A Different Coloured Face ... UNLESS You've Got CHAINS That Affect How You Behave ... !!!
   I have awoken with dreamy eyes In too many unfamiliar placesOn warm exotic beaches - in inexpensive inner city beds
Thailand the land of a thousand smiles The air tastes like spices upon your lips The distance feels like is extending miles Gentle warmth is touching fingertips
There I saw the world
I have memories attached to curves in the  road, moments encapsulated by  long strentches of highway. They return briefly to existence as I travel them; anxiety trembling in
The chair I sat on turned into a plane to take me far away and the water that splashed on my face turned into tears and the tears on my face fell into my palms and became holy water
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