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You know when your dad decides to move out on a whim? Yeah, then it's confirmed that you hate him He takes the dog, something that was keeping you hopeful, oh Willow
When Simone biles runs to the bar to do back flips in the air she is an athlete.But when I run to the bar and do a backflip holding a beer, suddenly I have an alcohol problem and need help. Perhaps they might be right ya know?
Enlarge your vision … and You can achieve whatever You put Your mind to ..   increase Your confidence .. inside You are untapped potentials ..   Your dreams can definitely come true ..
This is ... Whose are these...   What is that... Those are...   I'm so Confused ~ Ricardo
I find myself insecure when I look at myself without any editing. I'll feel as if I am discrediting... I compare myself to other girls, I believe that I am not beautiful to the whole-wide world.
You would think I would be smart enough to stop , smart enough to stop putting myself in the same shit that I say I won't ,  Smart enough that I would realize that I'm the one hurting , not them . I must be real dumb .
I feel like you look for messages engraved in the cliche i don't like it but it seems to work. this is straight forward. i miss my metaphors tired and hungry I can't help but wonder
A Pilot, Engineer, World Activist, it goes on and on People get mixed up with a Job, Just to get payed, to become rich,  these things don't change your life. Perhaps they do keep a roof over your head,
Danielle's my favorite teacher I'd tell her all the time If she wasn't far too busy Keeping me from knives She told me that she loved me And when I asked her "why?"
The day it rained diamonds crowds flooded the streets, but riots broke out,  and all feel to their knees. Then mixed with the shine, came the dullness of blood.
Some times I want to tell you things, but you just stare into the wall as if the students were there.
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