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Where time is inevitably consumed, There is no escaping this endless game. Where people constantly put on costumes, Is it all worth it for seconds of fame? People think they are brave enough to share,
I am young I am learning I am smart I am stuborn I am wise I am unaware I am organized I am disorganized I am happy I am hurt I am a hard woker  I am lazy 
Individuality is key to me  
Who am I?Am I the girl that stares into the mirror, internally degrading herself for not beingsociety's sweetheart?Who am I?Am I the lady who cannot keep up with the 
Amidst a 'naturally beautiful' movement, I cut off all of my hairSo that people could ask why.Some days, I don't know.
Girl let me tell you that i've been on the road though Singing songs of how I miss you A boat load
you want to know what makes me tick? well guess what!  I have a whole list, although at times i'm quiet and chill sometimes i just can't deal with the ignorance and the lies.
And honestly theres so many scholarships and not enough time My vision gets blurry; I cant see between the line
Remember back then when I said I was all for me yeah I lied Writing this at 3 am with my pillow full of tears that I've cried Why did I lie maybe because I thought saying it to myself would make it real
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