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I’m at the Norman Manley International Airport. It’s around midday and we have a delay. The other members of the team just left for the security post. We must obtain a visitor pass to enter certain areas.
I’m going to meet her at the airport in an hour. I’ll get there early, no second-guessing. I don’t care whether it’s a fair day in Acapulco or not, I’m going on a trip with her, rain or shine. .
I. In All Likeliness   The overweight mid-forties man, In the blue button up and beige cardigan, Pacing between the arrivals board and baggage claim,
8/19/12, age 18   Some are afraid of flying, but I love it. It lets me live a whole different life, One where the outside world shows me the most perfect sea I’ve ever seen
So many people rushing about Heading to Atlanta, to Seattle, to New York Only thinking of themselves, their destinations, their time. The man with the newspaper so wrapped up in the politics/sports
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