Airport Funeral

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 21:57 -- mc488


United States
35° 21' 38.106" N, 111° 45' 41.2776" W

So many people rushing about
Heading to Atlanta, to Seattle, to New York
Only thinking of themselves, their destinations, their time.
The man with the newspaper so wrapped up in the politics/sports
The woman on the phone with her fiancé
And the many children swarming the lobby seats on their way to Disneyland.
Quickly in and out – pile of paper towels around the trash bin,
No one notices the black cat dancing around a small body
Avoiding the blood pooling around a delicate hand
Staining the lacy dress with a crimson red
The only one there; the mother gone, the father non-existent.
So many people loading and unloading from flights
No time to stop to the calls for help
No one hearing the cries
No one sees the tear stained face
And the breaking heart of the black cat
Loyal to his best friend – now passed on into the other world.


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