figurative language

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I don't know how to explain things with simple words In fact, I don't even see things in simple terms, But I can weave my tongue into metaphors.
I will not start with once upon a time.     This is not past tense.     This is now.     Every day. Every second. Every minute.       Looking in the looking glass,
We are writers, scrawling ideas on the sides of notebooks, frantically tearing out the paper and sticking it in our pockets. We highlight our favorite parts of you, write hearts
I dream of heaven I dream of the place where angels sing, gates are made of gold, and things let their wings free. I dream of a beautiful  place... Where I could find peace, but my 
I’m only a little bird Trapped in a Cage Barred down by the rest of Society   They strap me in chains  Forbid me to fly away There's nothing left for this little bird 
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