I Write To Sing

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 15:36 -- kaacxo


I’m only a little bird

Trapped in a Cage

Barred down by the rest of Society


They strap me in chains 

Forbid me to fly away

There's nothing left for this little bird 

So all she can do is sing to herself a little song

So she sings of freedom

She sings of her dreams

She sings of everything she wishes she could be

She sings of a better future

She sings of better days

Even when society taunts her, even though the world is against her

This little bird won’t stop singing

Because she knows those gates will never open

She knows she'll never get to flap her wings

Yet this little bird isn’t a spiteful bird

She understands that singing is her only escape

So she does the only thing she can, and sings her little song of dreams 


Night Heart

I love the metaphor in this poem.It provides a story aspect,while keeping it highly relateable.

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