Inner Self

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my true inner selfsecret person of the heart~ heartland of my soul......Mark Toney © 2021.5/7/2021 - Poetry form: Senryu (for you)
Thrive. Thriving. Thrived.   I'm sorry I lied. 'No worries, I know you did your best. Let's try a different solution.'    Bottomless tears now dried.
My attitude is mine, it does not reflect on you personally I do not have the energy for that Not to mention the world revolves around the sun not you My attitude reflects on my inner workings
I don't want to stay here. Do not accept where you live. A Home. It's not a home Runaway, they're awaiting you Live, love, and learn Then be happy in return But one place isn't the right time
I started this world from darkness I was then brought to the light my mind is free, it's concious  flying but others cannot see So I write, I write, I write
I wish I could hide Find a place devoid of you But every space is you   No matter the distance I am still next you Caught in your shadown
I have it  deep inside but it struggles. I struggle. The only need for my survival is within me but it is kept with inferiority  They say to keep your head up high 
My body is a sieve. Full of holes, yet still whole. And intact.   It's a bit rusty in places- once shiny and new, the metal frame is tainted,
I am not whole Not yet Not ever I am pieces of a girl stitched with shaking hands and bloody fingers Bruised all over In a heart as cold as silver where is my plan
It´s not about how good you are, It´s about how good you want to be. Write words cuz I feel better about it, Live and love are bad words. Thought love would come not hit. I remember ever crease in your skin,
Beautiful? Maybe   Always thinking of the right words to say It would have been clearer if I said it my way Every move is in need of some thought Always unsure if they get it or not…
I am ___________.   Am I smart? Am I strong? Am I tough? Maybe handsome? Maybe sweet? Maybe kind?   No. Ohh, that's what they think I am.
Tell me,  what do you see when  you look at me? What do you think when you 
The Center Piece of any person Is a Calm that fills a certain type of rhythm Steady, Strong I think about this all night long My tick is a tock, my tock a strangled cry
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